egg drop soup recipe

Egg Drop Soup Recipe

Egg Drop Soup Recipe   Egg drop soup is one of the most common Chinese soup. It is easy to make and very tasty. Almost everyone in China loves egg drop soup. However, most Chinese restaurants in the United States serve this soup without tomatoes. If you like the restaurant-style egg drop soup, you will […]

Steam black soybean spareribs

Steam Black Soybean Spareribs

Steam Black Soybean Spareribs     Steam black soybean spareribs is a classic traditional Chinese food. You can order this in Cantonese dim sum restaurants. The black soybean is the secret to make delicious spareribs. Chinese also make black soybean to soybean sauce(paste), which is the best sauce to make steam fish. is the chinese […]

hot spicy crab

Hot Spicy Crab

Hot Spicy Crab   Hot spicy crab is very popular in China, especially in southwest China. This is a very easy Chinese food recipe. You can make it within 30 minutes. The most famous crab in China is Yangcheng-Lake Crab, but it is very expensive. This hot spicy crab is a homemade version. If you prefer […]

chinese barbecue pork

chinese Barbecue Pork

Chinese Barbecue Pork   Barbecue pork is very famous in the United States, especially sweet sour spareribs. Chinese restaurant usually make pork ribs with with sweet sour sauce. Chinese barbecue pork is a traditional ancient Chinese food in southern China, such as Guangzhou and Hong Kong. They also eat buns with Chinese barbecue pork. This recipe is […]

sea cucumber egg custard

Sea Cucumber Egg Custard

Sea Cucumber Egg Custard   sea cucumber egg custard is a kind of innovation ancient Chinese food, but egg custard is really authentic traditional Chinese food for baby, I do ate a lot when i was young, and sea cucumber is one of greatest ingredients in mainland China, The Chinese think sea cucumber can increase […]

Roast Garlic Spareribs

Roast Garlic Spareribs

Roast Garlic Spareribs     This Roast Garlic Spareribs Recipe is Simply, But not an Authentic Chinese Food Recipe, It more fit for BBQ, Soak for 24 hours will make those Spareribs taste much better, I have a Spareribs Recipe call: Sweet and Sour Spareribs, which is well know in United States and China, That’s […]

Pickled Asparagus Lettuce

Pickled Asparagus Lettuce

  Pickled Asparagus Lettuce       This kind of Chinese Food is served as Appetizer in Mainland China, it is also a good choice for breakfast and Lunch, in morning, Chinese People Eating Congee (Try Laba Congee) with Pickled stuff, Most of Them are Salty. Try this Pickled Asparagus Lettuce now! 1.  Ingredients: asparagus lettuce […]

Chinese chilli chicken recipes image 1

Hot Spicy Chicken Nuggets

Hot Spicy Chicken Nuggets (辣子鸡丁) Hot Spicy Chicken Nuggets is So tasty, It’s a Szechwan  Cuisine(Eight Culinary Traditions of Chinese Cuisine), Each time i ordered this must come with cool beer. It’s highly recommended to serve this dish with beer or wine.  Frying marinated chicken nuggets in medium or  high temperature’s oil until it turns golden color,  then add some pepper and peppercorns to fry chicken nugget again.  This is a very spicy recipe.  You can adjust the amount of dry pepper or peppercorns to better serve your need.  The tip to keep chicken nuggets dry and delicious is to deep fry a little bit longer.  You can even deep-fry it twice to get a crispy and tender texture. If you Also have Chicken Wing, You can Try Flat Coke Chicken Wing Ingredients:  Chicken nuggets: 450 g,  salt 3 […]