Peppers Bacon

Peppers Bacon

Peppers Bacon     This Peppers Bacon Recipe’s Chinese Name is 青椒回锅肉,This is Really an Ancient Chinese Recipe , In China, people eat pork belly shows above, not bacon, But this Recipe is perfect for bacon, the only difference is the bacon could be too thin. You can follow the steps try it. You could check here […]

Tomato Fillet

Tomato Fillet

Tomato Fillet     This is Very Cool Chinese Recipe, Simply steps and easy to prepare, I do think this Kind of Food fit for Restaurant. Try this Amazing Tomato Fillet now! 1.2. ingredients: Fillet Bamboo Shoots Black Fungus Peas Green Onion Starch Seasoning: Rice Wine(Rice Wine Substitute) Salt Sugar Black Pepper ketchup 3. Wash […]

bacon and green onion pancke

Bacon Green Onion Pancake

  Bacon Green Onion Pancake     This is an Authentic Chinese Food Recipe, also a great snack and breakfast for your kid, If you try Sausage(Chinese Sausage Snow Bean) that’s should be great, I recommend Smoke Sausage , Try this Bacon Green Onion Pancake Now! 1. Ingredients: Shredded pancake (skin), bacon, green onion, Pepper salt […]

Yzenith Chinese Vinegar Peanuts

Chinese Vinegar Peanuts

Chinese Vinegar Peanuts   Chinese Vinegar Peanuts is a great choice with China liquors, Easy to make and healthy. This Traditional Chinese Food is popular in North Part of China. (Eight Culinary traditions of Chinese Cuisine), Chinese Consider Vinegar as a medicine for Softening Blood vessel, But i prefer another Peanuts recipe, that is Salty Shelled […]

Chinese healthy eggplant recipes Overview 2

Fried Stuffed Eggplant

Fried Stuffed Eggplant This Stuffed Eggplant Recipe is not east to follow, but it really is one of the best Chinese food , To be honest, I am only have this food in Mainland China, and is belong to Northern China food(See Post: Eight Culinary traditions of Chinese Cuisine, where you can get general idea about […]