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Coke Chicken Wings coke chicken wing

Attention:  Coke Lovers!  We love Coke, But Not Anymore When it Gets Flat!  Have You Ever Thought Of Cooking With Coke? Even When It is Flat, to delivery a Unique Flavor of Chicken Wings? Try This Coke Chicken Wings Recipe, You Will Love It!  Step 1. Wash the chicken wings and boil with hot water. Step 2 .Heat the wok and let the sugar melt. Step 3. Stir-fry the chicken wings until it turn brown. Step 4. Add the coke inside and add aniseedsaltgreen onion and ginger.

 Coke Chicken Wings combo new


  1. Flat Coke( coke) 10 oz
  2. Chicken wings 8 pieces
  3. Chinese aniseed (option) 1 piece
  4. Salt 10 g
  5. Ginger powder 2 g
  6. Sugar 8 g
  7. Green onion 5 g
  1. Wish 8 pieces chicken wings and boiled with hot water
  2. Heat the wok and melt sugar first
  3. Stir-fir all chicken wings until they turn brown
  4. Add the Flat coke, aniseed, salt, green onion and ginger



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